Keywords : Economic Growth

Air Transport - A Source of Competitive Advantages of the Region

Keranka Nedeva; Evgeni Genchev

Marketing and Branding Research, 2018, Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 206-216
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2018.60246

This study investigates the relationship between the development of the air transport and the economic development of the Bulgarian regions and the improvement of its competitiveness over the period of 2000–2016. The timeliness of the problem is related to the contradictory impact of the air transport on the economic effects of aviation development and related socio-economic effects at local and global level. The purpose of the report was to identify the impact of the air transport on the economic development of the region. In this connection, the following tasks have been set: to monitor trends in the development of the air passenger transport sector; to determine the impact of the average annual income per capita on the passenger flow; to establish the impact of passenger flows on the average annual income of the population as an indicator of the sustainable development of the region. The aim of the article was to establish the link between the passenger flow and the gross domestic product of the region. Economic data processing methods for the 10-year period were used through the Gretl program. The data obtained is evidence of the positive impact of air transport development on the competitiveness of the region and its steady social-economic growth.