Keywords : Capital Market

The study of issuance of stocks in venture companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Ali Amiri; Hamid Ravanpaknodezh; Akbar Jelodari

Marketing and Branding Research, 2016, Volume 3, Issue 2, Pages 166-178
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2016.60201

In order to implement the profitable projects, achieve the maximum efficiency, and increase their shareholders, companies may use different types of financial resources in different ways. The ability of companies to identify the internal and external resources for providing capital and financial programs is considered as one of the main factors that affects on the growth and development of the companies. Financing resources and their usage volume are factors that affect on the companies’ operating performance. In this regard, companies and economic institutions can be financially provided from both inside and outside. Companies can issue and sell new common stocks to investors to provide their required financial resources. This study was conducted to investigate the issuance of stocks as one of resources of financing in the companies. Statistical population of this study was active listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange. The sample of study was selected among listed companies raising capital through applying stage random sampling and simple random sampling. Sampling was conducted during the period 2008-20013 and finally the sample size including 40 companies were chosen using a Cochran formula. To analyze the obtained information, t-test and correlation coefficient were used. Although the results of the study revealed that there was no significant difference between the internal sources of financing and the issuance of stocks among the studied companies, there is a significant relationship between companies’ issuance of stocks and their size. Companies increase the use of retained earnings and stocks for financing through expanding the size of companies. Also, due to the existence of  relationship between financing and the fixed assets of the companies through issuing the stocks of companies, no statistically significant relationship were observed between financing and companies’ profitability. Finally, there was no significant relationship between financing and future stock returns through the issuance of stocks.