Keywords : Competitiveness

The Impact of Packaging on the Competitiveness of Export Products

Mohammad ali Rasoulzadeh

Marketing and Branding Research, 2017, Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 384-392
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2017.60311

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of packaging on the competitiveness of the export products in Ardabil province. The population of the study is the factories of the industrial town of Ardabil in which 20 factories were selected randomly. The data collecting tool in this research is a 20-item questionnaire that its questions are tailored to the response and are fitted with a five-point Likert scale. To analyze the obtained information, firstly, the frequency table of each question was formed using the percentage method. The percentage of frequency is calculated and the result of each question are listed below each question. After analyzing each question, we analyze the research hypotheses, which is accompanied by a graphic representation of its results. Input analysis has also been used for inferential analysis. The results showed that there is a meaningful relationship between the amount of good packaging on purchasing decision of customers. There is a meaningful relationship between size and shape of appropriate packaging and sales volume. There is also a meaningful relationship between the factors such as color and design in packaging and sales of products.

Identifying and prioritizing the effect of marketing mix from the customer’s perspective (4C) on the competitiveness of insurance companies using DEMATEL technique: A case study of Tehran Insurance Companies

Elmira Manafzadeh; Ali Ramezani

Marketing and Branding Research, 2016, Volume 3, Issue 1, Pages 86-96
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2016.60207

Competitiveness of an organization is debatable based on sources and market-based approach. In this study, the impact of customer-centric marketing mix on the competitiveness of the company was studied. All clients involved in insurance companies in Tehran were the statistical population of the study and a sample of 384 clients were selected. A questionnaire was used to collect the data. Relationships between elements of the marketing mix and competitiveness were studied using confirmatory factor analysis technique. The results of the data analysis indicated the significant effect of customer-centric marketing mix on company’s competitiveness. To prioritize the marketing mix factors in terms of the amount of impact on the competitiveness from customers’ perspective, a DEMATEL technique was used. The results also indicated that the highest impact on the competitiveness of the insurance company include the customer costs, value of a customer-friendly, easily buy, and relations.

Factors enabling competitiveness of science and technology institutions in Iran

Saied Safari; Davoud Gholamrezaei; Reza Sagafi

Marketing and Branding Research, 2015, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 15-27
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2015.60261

The present study was conducted to investigate the impact of effective factors on competitiveness of science and technology in Iran in provider unites of specialized technological services based on Porter’s competitive forces model.  The statistical population of this study consisted of all employees of 92 research institutes as provider unites which were classified into four groups, namely universities, ministry of science, research, and technology, private sectors, and other organizations.  A questionnaire was used for data collection. The results of this study confirmed Porter’s competitive forces model in technical research institutes of the country. Finally, limitations and some suggestions for further research are presented.