Keywords : Entrepreneurship

Enabling entrepreneurial practices with market-oriented approach: A case study

Keti Ventura; Haluk Soyuer

Marketing and Branding Research, 2017, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 179-191
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2017.60409

The market-oriented approach which includes ensuring a continuous flow of intelligence about customers, market, and competitors to the business to adapt to the ever changing and developing market dynamics and transferring such intelligence to all units of the business to assure quick response to the market, has become very important to gain competitive advantage. The market-oriented approach can be implemented in a business only if there is an organisational culture where all kinds of product/service developments and business process developments that will create a value for customers are supported. An effective implementation of this approach requires both entrepreneurial practices, which are carried out with other businesses and organisations in the external environment and intrapreneurial practices, which are based on encouraging employees in terms of creativity, innovation, idea generation, and developing an organisational climate and management strategies that are appropriate for this. In this regard, the purpose of the current study is to reveal the importance of entrepreneurial activities such as practices supporting market-oriented strategy. Besides, the study aims to explore how such practices are developed in Logo, which is a software company engages in a range of entrepreneurial activities. This paper is designed as an exploratory research employing case study method. Interviews were carried out and documents were examined. This study is anticipated to be beneficial by contributing to establishing entrepreneurship for businesses as a culture. The findings of the study will be a road map for businesses that wish to develop managerial strategies in this matter.