Keywords : Tradition

Handicrafts as an opportunity for economic development and sustainable tourism: Shkodra case study

Brilanda Bushati

Marketing and Branding Research, 2017, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 64-72
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2017.60315

Albania is known for a very rich tradition of craftsmanship with precious values created during centuries by popular workman in every province considering features and specifications of different geographical areas and being prominent in their diversity. Although this profession is exercised almost by every woman, it was more distinguishable in some provinces such as provinces of Zadrima, Fushe-Kruje, the Shpat (Elbasan), and Myzeqe which already had established models and techniques regarding their own region. In its 2500-year-old history, the city of Shkodra has established tradition in the field of handicrafts whi??ch shows the individuality, creativity, imagination, feelings, and artistic tastes of this region. Handicrafts in Shkodra is an art, craft, and lifestyle and among the most popular works are the works of silver, textiles, carving, woodworking, and marble. One of the main development centers in Shkodra is Zadrima crafts. Artisan is one of the important points for the development of sustainable tourism in Shkodra but the development of handicrafts has encountered many problems including the lack of a specific market with adequate stores, lack of managers who deal with message delivery collection of products, and inability to find new markets at home and abroad. Development of handicrafts in Shkodra and their reality and perspectives are reflected in the present study. The results revealed that although artisans in Shkodra try hard to develop handicrafts but it needs a great support to move forward and compete with other countries.