Keywords : Dashboard

Digital marketing planning with the brand dashboard approach

Alptekin Erkollar; Birgit Oberer

Marketing and Branding Research, 2017, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 192-205
DOI: 10.33844/mbr.2017.60336

A brand is a name, a symbol, a term or a design which identifies an organizations goods and services as distinct from those of other organizations. Brands support customers in their decision making processes and add to an organization’s reputation. Branding is the process of providing goods and services with the power of a brand. It is the communication of values, attributes, and characteristics of goods and services, clarifying what a particular brand is. In this study a multidimensional brand dashboard was developed and implemented in a company operating the plastics industry in Europe, focusing on three main markets, namely packaging, automotive, and building and construction, launching one master brand and three sub brands on the different markets. Objectives of the project were to deliver better brand briefs, get a greater visibility of projects in the pipeline and improve the master brand / sub brand management portfolio, with a series of indicators which are applied such as accuracy of branded materials, on time delivery, preservation of brand values, and equity. The results of the study revealed that within the one year pilot phase, the values of the main indicators including brand development index and brand equity improved significantly. Newly implemented indicators such as brand influence rate, brand cross index and brand penetration index have all values within predefined ranges. Generally, the brand management portfolio could be improved in terms of master brand /sub brand matrix levels and accuracy of brand materials.