Aims & Scope of Marketing and Branding Research

Although there are a lot of journals in the field of marketing, there are a few, if any, journals focusing exclusively on Marketing and Branding Research. Marketing and Branding Research aims to bridge the perceived gap regarding a journal that exclusively focuses on exploring major issues of Marketing and Branding Research in depth. This journal caters to the immediate and urgent needs of policy-makers, managers, practitioners, experts, and researchers in this field of inquiry. Marketing and Branding Research publishes empirical quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method and theoretical research articles in the scope of:

marketing and branding management, policies, strategies, and innovations in this field of inquiry, marketing, and branding of Islamic financial products and services, Islamic marketing and branding including Halal food, drink, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, supply chains, society, interfaith, ethnocentrism, multiculturalism, cross-culture, Islamic codes of conduct and ethics, schools of thought and jurisprudence, branding, public relations, nation branding, and reputation management, political marketing, online, social media, and e-marketing, consumer behavior, segmentation, and consumption patterns, and related issues which probe into the emergent and urgent need of the practitioners in the field of marketing and branding.