Digitalization and Marketing Strategies

Digitalization and online purchase platforms are gradually tearing down the traditional barriers for entering the market for newcomers. From a marketing aspect, the technological advances that have eased the market entrance for the rivals are two-sided. The positive side has made the marketing activities more effective by helping the traditional boundaries to disappear. But the bad news is that our rivals will benefit from the technological advancements as well.
Companies need to lead and manage this new situation to survive. A creative approach to marketing associated with technological advances will be one of the most powerful tools in this challenging pathway. Creating opportunities for companies that enhance business growth, sales productivity, and marketing efficiency is very crucial. One of the primary tools to create these opportunities is an innovative marketing strategy that drives growth. This strategy should include consideration of new business relationships via online business platforms and creating new contact channels. Other building blocks of this strategy are focusing on the revision of old marketing methods and shaping inclusive networks to promote our business will be other building blocks of this strategy. 
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