Marketing plan; a critical business document

Most successful enterprises create unique marketing plans for their marketing activities. This plan is referred to as the marketing manifest and is revised and updated occasionally. Preparing comprehensive reports helps the manager measure marketing performance. Revision and edition of the marketing plan are critical as the business environment changes; new risks and opportunists emerge. Developing an effective marketing plan is the biggest step forward.

Although developing a sound marketing plan is the most determinant step for creating the marketing strategy, plan execution is also an important part. A great challenge can be expressed as the 'difficulty of the execution' since there would be unforeseen challenges and limitations.

The marketing plan should be accessible for all employees. Different ideas will help the company optimize and modify the marketing plan. Only inclusive marketing plans in which all employees assist and collaborate in developing a marketing plan become entirely successful and valuable. Employees from different departments bring together different perspectives on what we should do for our marketing activity. If employees from different sections are not engaged in the planning process for marketing, some aspects may remain dormant. The employee's personal experiences and ideas reflect valuable and relevant facts to develop a realistic marketing plan.

The Employees' role in creating an effective marketing plan is important because they would have an accurate estimate of what can be achieved and what cannot. These insights and predictions will enrich the marketing plan.

A marketing plan provides a written framework and instruction which is accessible and available for all the employees. It is a guide that shows everyone where we go and how we plan to reach there.

Marketing Planning gives a structure to the relevant activities and finally shows the point that we are about to reach and reduces the uncertainty about the marketing path and direction.