Brand image in the minds of consumers

Many consumers make their purchase decisions based on their mental image of the product or company. Every company and product has an engraved image on customers’ minds. This engraved image can best explain why consumers prefer to buy products from one brand and why they chose one brand and not the other one. The process of altering such a long-standing image is not easy. That is why the companies and brands struggle to build a preferable image in the minds of their consumers.

It would be easier to take future steps when the companies know how consumers think about their products and are fully informed about their evaluations. The next step might involve observing and analyzing the consumer’s possible behaviors, perceptions, and motivations. Identifying the shaping factors of the consumers’ feelings, attitudes, and beliefs is also a crucial step.

The engraved image of the company in consumers’ minds determines the quality of the relationship between consumers and the company. Understanding consumers’ attitudes toward the company help managers and strategists to develop a longer relationship and build more reliable and stable connections. It also helps companies build more consumer loyalty and commitment. When the customers are more loyal and committed to a brand and company, the business is more likely to be successful.

But an important question remains: how can companies know the shape of their business in the minds of the consumers? There are several methods to understand and analyze a brand’s image in the minds of the consumers. These methods include studying customers’ online reviews and feedback, conducting brand research studies, collecting data from competitors and gathering information from customers, changing the gathered information to statistical facts, and interpreting obtained data.